BROMONT (Québec) January 29, 2016 – BIOQUÉBEC, the biotechnology and life sciences network, congratulates Dominique Anglade on her recent appointment as Minister of Economy, Science, and Innovation. “We are delighted that science and innovation, engines of Québec’s economy, are being recognized as a priority by the government”, stated Anie Perrault, BIOQuébec’s Executive Manager. 

Québec is proud to bring together all the stakeholders from the biotechnology and life sciences innovation chain, from research to marketing. “Our industry creates wealth and tens of thousands of specialized jobs while being at the forefront of discoveries, diagnostic tests, and treatments which save lives around the world on a daily basis”, said Ms. Perrault. 

BIOQuébec will support the new Minister of Economy, Science, and Innovation as she undertakes the mandate given to her by the Premier to re-energize Québec’s economy by merging innovation with science, and with life sciences in particular. 

BIOQuébec expects to request an initial meeting with the new Minister shortly to outline the value of Québec’s strengths relating to discoveries, development, marketing, and integration of innovative elements in both human and animal health on an international level. According to Ms. Perrault, “Our industry has the talent and infrastructure in place to drive our economy. By working with the new Minister and her government, we hope to give ourselves the tools needed to increase the importance, and support the renewed vitality, of biotechnology and life sciences.” 

BIOQuébec: A Dynamic Network
BIOQuébec is committed to supporting the growth of Québec’s biotechnology and life sciences industry, which creates wealth and specialized jobs, is focused on innovation and marketing, and is dedicated to improving everyone’s health and quality of life. For more information, go to 


Catherine Lamontagne
Communications Coordinator

Anie Perrault, LL.L., ASC
Executive Manager | C. 450 522-0615