BIOQuébec and Biron join forces to promote life sciences in Québec

BROMONT (Québec) February 14, 2017 – BIOQuébec and Biron Health Group have entered into a partnership to promote the positive impacts of Québec’s life sciences innovations.

As part of this partnership, information culled from the Innovation in Québec, it’s in our DNA! life sciences public awareness campaign will be presented on dynamic screens at various Biron and Imagix points of service as well as on the company’s social media networks. Within the next year, nearly 200 000 people will be made aware of the important role played by innovative companies in Québec.

In fact, Biron Health Group is a perfect example of innovation in healthcare and life sciences. Founded by Denis Biron in 1952, this family business has remained an industry leader by integrating both innovations and the prioritization of patients’ needs into all its activities.  

“Biron is proud to partner with BIOQuébec to contribute to the development of the life sciences industry in Québec”, says Louis-Jacques Darveau, Vice-President of Marketing, Communications, and Customer Experience. “This partnership will serve to reinforce the current spirit of cooperation between Biron and the companies involved in life sciences in Québec, while helping the whole industry to benefit from the visibility provided by a company like ours, which is already well-known by the public and firmly established across the entire province.” 

As such, Biron Health Group will act as a communications channel so that the campaign’s information capsules can be shared within Biron’s network of service points, allowing information about life sciences to be shared with a wide public audience.

“This partnership offers great added value not only to this campaign, but to all BIOQuébec members as well as to the life sciences industry, which can now count on a new business partner”, adds Anie Perrault, BIOQuébec’s Executive Manager. “Biron offers its services and expertise on a sub-contractual basis, which enhances Québec’s innovation chain.”

With its medical laboratories, medical imaging services, network of testing points, logistics solutions, phamacogenomic services, call and customer service centers, and data and statistic production management, Biron Health Group continues to expand by offering support to life sciences contract research organizations, an industry which generates more than half a billion dollars in annual revenues in Québec.


Biron is a medical diagnostics services company (laboratory analyses, blood tests, medical imaging, diagnosing of sleep disorder diagnosis) offering a wide range of options for clinical research, as well as customized services for the pharmaceutical industry (patient programs, support for demonstrations of efficacy, special projects, etc.) Biron offers high-quality services to clients who are looking for unique access to health care paired with good flexibility.


This Web-based awareness campaign run by the life sciences industry, aims to convince Québec society of the strategic importance of stimulating and developing the healthcare innovation sector, as it contributes to the growth of the province’s economy and of future generations. View all the information capsules at