BIOQuébec is pleased with INESSS' conclusion and recommendation regarding the genetic screening test for complications related to the 5-FU chemotherapy treatment

BROMONT (Québec) March 22, 2017 – BIOQuébec is pleased with the recommendation put forth by the Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux (INESSS) to use an affordable genetic screening test to avoid cases where patients experience complications following the Xeloda chemotherapy treatment, commonly known as 5-FU in its intravenously administered form. 

Colette Bibeau, whose husband tragically passed away following a strong reaction to the treatment which had been used preventatively, had been putting a great deal of energy into having changes made so that no one else would have to go through a similar situation. Her efforts finally paid off, due in part to her testimony during a panel discussion spearheaded by BIOQuébec, in cooperation with Génome Québec, at the 9th Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum in 2015.

‘’This woman’s story touched the journalists, who then shared it with the general public, including on the front page of Le Devoir and during Isabelle Maréchal’s radio show on 98.5 FM,’’ stated Anie Perrault, BIOQuébec’s Executive Manager.

INESSS’ statement came less than 18 months after this heightened media exposure, which prompted the Hôpital Notre-Dame of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) to ask the Minister of Health to recognize the test, which the INESSS had already evaluated, according to a recent article which appeared in La Presse+.

‘’I’m thrilled that Ms. Bibeau’s participation on this panel was the spark that led to the approval of a technology that can literally save lives’’, adds Ms. Perrault. ‘’It’s just one more example of how our actions contribute to improving quality of life for Québecers.”

BIOQuébec has since been increasing its efforts to make the public aware of the benefits of diagnostic tests and technology developed here, in Québec, and used around the world. The biotechnology and life sciences network’s most recent initiative is the L'innovation au Québec, c'est dans notre ADN1 web-based campaign.

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