Prevtec Microbia receives an investment of $2.5 million CAD to support the launch of its second vaccine in the European Union

Some of Prevtec Microbia’s shareholders invested a total of $2.5 million CA for this second vaccine to be launched in the European Union, with the potential to affect 250 million pigs a year.

"We are very pleased with this contribution from our shareholders to support our growth as our second vaccine is authorized for commercialization in the European Union. This investment will allow us to expand our team in Europe and manage demand for our vaccine from European pig producers. Our partner and distributor Elanco plans to launch the bivalent Coliprotec® F4/F18 vaccine in May 2017," says Michel Fortin, President and CEO of Prevtec Microbia Inc.

This is already the third vaccine marketed by Prevtec Microbia!